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The complete trainer from Telefunken. This Training Defibrillator is designed for ease of use.

With the remote control, you can select the right program to follow.

For example, shock advice / opinion or no shock simulation artefacts.

You can pause and resume the workout if required.

It is also possible to step backwards or forwards in the protocol.

In short:

an ideal and budget friendly AED trainer!

The Telefunken Defibrillator AED Trainer comes with: -


Bag with space for Bundled scissors, surgical masks, gloves, razor .

Remote .

Operating Manual.

3 sets of training electrodes.

Cable for connection electrodes training with trainer .

Cable for connection to PC, for any updates - Charger

Telefunken AED Trainer

Telefunken AED Trainer

Telefunken AED Trainer